I found Bikram yoga in June 2013, because the studio happened to be less than two miles from my house, and had an intense, regular practice for over a year. I quickly drank the kool-aid as bikram yoga made big changes in my life. That first summer was amazing and rough—I was going through some hard changes in my personal life and I needed the yoga. I cried on my mat. Often. I was wobbly and weak and learning. One instructor (thank you, Lisa Marie!) talked during savasana about how bikram yoga is a meditation, how the practice can calm the mind, strengthen the body, and enable us to be strong and calm outside the hot room as well, in our daily lives. We would learn focus, determination, and patience. When we were challenged in life, we would know how to bounce and not to break. I had started bikram yoga right when it felt like my life was already in the process of breaking, with a crumbling marriage and two small children. I was in the right place.

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