Day 12. Breathing.

I finally figured out the pranayama snore! It’s breathing. What could be so difficult? It’s taken me twelve classes to figure out how to constrict my throat properly. And I still can’t do it every time—I zone out trying to count the breaths in the two sets of ten. I’d swear some teachers sneak in a couple more, but my brain is so busy that I can’t keep track.

The pranayama standing deep breathing exercise connects the breath and the mind and prepares the body for the class. It’s supposed to be mentally relaxing, but I find my mind focusing on so many things other than breathing—feet flat, knees locked, thighs and glutes engaged, stomach in, chest up, shoulders down, face relaxed, eyes open, elbows up, hips forward, thumbs in, weight in the heels (but no backward bending!), head back, relax the neck… Oh, yeah. And I’m supposed to be simultaneously breathing and synchronizing the breath with the movement of my arms and head. Breathing is complicated. 

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